The BADWest St. Clair Bourne 4th Monday screening for Monday, May 22, 2017 is cancelled.

BADWest will like to introduce the new St. Clair Bourne 4th Monday Screening Coordinator, BADWest member Theresa Golden. 

BADWest held it's opening 2016-2017 monthly meeting at a temporary space, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. Thank you AMPAS for your assistance. We truly appreciate it.

First Run Features announces the release of David Massey's timely documentary WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST on iTunes; available now for only $2.99 and on DVD “soon.” The film, directed by Oscar-nominated and NAACP Image Award winner Massey, addresses the concept and reality of justice in the United States, particularly in regard to racial disparities in the American criminal justice system.

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