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Waking Up

Written by 27 Jul,2017

Our friend at National Black Programming Consortium asked if we could share this read of a screenplay about Boston's 1976 forced busing with non-fiction film producers " who are on the lookout for a property that is jam packed with deep, rich, & complex characters for African-American actors in general and African-American Women in particular."

Emerson College Los Angeles



(Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interests)


 Waking Up By Lois Roach

August 14, 2017 | Emerson LA


Waking Up by Lois Roach

The year is 1976 and forced busing is the law of the land in the city of Boston.


By a twist of fate, William McCabe, an Irish-American from Southie lands in homeroom next to Eloise McGovern, an African-American from Roxbury. They endure turbulent times during high school only to realize that graduation opens the door to new personal challenges.


Billy and Weezie live separate lives until they reconnect during their 35th high school reunion.  Can their relationship transcend the limits of race, romance, and busing?


Lois Roach

Lois is a writer, producer, and stage director. Lois’ screenplays include “Lena and Leonard,” “Getting There,” and Waking Up.”  Her play “Living On...” is under an agreement with Samuel French.  She has an Emmy for television spots she wrote and produced on AIDS. 


Her play, “The Emancipation of Mandy and Miz Ellie,” received a world premiere production by Company One Theatre. Company One presents The Lois Roach Theatre Community Award to individuals annually in recognition of outstanding commitment to the Boston theater community. She was selected as one of Boston’s 100 Most Influential People of Color.


Lois is a graduate of Emerson College and a Senior Lecturer in Theatre Studies at Wellesley College.


A Table Reading with Actors

Monday – August 14, 2017



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