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Steven D. Williams

  •  Director, Producer 

    BADWest Member

    A Storyteller, building on his multi-faceted history in the entertainment industry, producing projects that touch the human spirit.

    As a Producer, Steven developed a vehicle to carry his creative vision in Kite Flyer Productions which he founded in 2017 after a decade long career as an executive at NBC Universal. Steven’s diverse background includes multi-media experience— radio production, music recording and producing, film and television sound design, and sound supervision.

    Born in San Francisco and studied at UC Berkeley, Steven was influenced by the events of his generation that profoundly affected our nation. Today Americans are confronting new challenges, but we are also breaking new ground and ceilings for people of diverse backgrounds. A caring husband and loving father, the stories of everyday heroes provide the fuel to Steven’s imagination which he is capturing in dramatic films, documentaries, and shorts.

Steven has a natural curiosity about people. Adept at interviewing and listening, he is able to discover stories from our past. Through storytelling, he educates and informs us of how historical events shape our present lives. He is on a path to create interesting and engaging content that is thought-provoking and enlightening.

One of Steven's successes was as a Producer of The Defiant Ones, an epic story of the lives of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, won awards for Best Limited TV Series, a Grammy, an IDA Award, and multiple Emmy nominations.

Steven has many more stories he wants to tell and is constantly seeking partnerships that share his passion and vision to embrace and elevate diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance of our differences.

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 Email: steve@kiteflyerproductions.com

 LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/stevendwilliams07