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Dawn Alexander

  •  Director, Producer, Writer, Actor 

    BADWest Member

    Dawn Alexander is the mother of a young African American male, and as such created this project with a deeply felt commitment to his safety and the safety of other young black men in America. WHEN JUSTICE ISN'T JUST being her most recent attempt to address Justice, since: "Justice can only exist within the coordinates of equality and is the constant and perpetual disposition to render every person his due." Along with David Massey, Dawn is currently the Producer and Writer of the award-winning documentary (turned doc series) THEY ARE NOT ALL LOST, which focuses on youth of color who overcome adversity and achieve success in life. She also produced the short film, Baby Girl, and is currently the Producer/Writer on the doc CHI-TOWN GUNS, GUN VIOLENCE & the NRA, and previously produced several award-winning commercials and public service announcements for TBWA/Chait/Day and Grey Advertising. Dawn is a winner of the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Award for her screenplay “Madness.” With an MFA from UCLA, Dawn was a finalist with the Carl Sautter Memorial Scriptwriting Competition.

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When Justice Isn’t Just

This dynamic documentary features legal experts, local activists, and law enforcement officers delving into ongoing charges of inequality, unfair practices, and politicized manipulations of America's judicial system. Additionally, the Black Lives Matter movement and citizens nationwide question the staggering number of police shootings of unarmed Black men and women.

Directed by David Massey
Produced by David Massey and Dawn Kirk-Alexander

 Film Link: WJIJ distributors website to view the official trailer http://firstrunfeatures.com/whenjusticeisntjust.html

Not All Lost

Follow the story of three resilient teens as they share their stories and reflect on their achievements.

Directed by David Massey
Produced by David Massey and Dawn Kirk-Alexander

 Website: https://www.notalllost.com/

 PBS Online: Watch Full Documentary https://www.kvie.org/programs/viewfinder/?watch=not-all-lost-bavsqy