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Cat Hurston

  •  Producer, Author, Actress, Director 

    BADWest Member

    Cat Hurston is an author, director, producer, actress and cousin of playwright, novelist Zora Neale Hurston. She is an MBA graduate with a BA in Theater who currently resides in Southern California. She has written films and plays beginning at a very young age. She is currently interested in producing her first documentary focusing on a rare disease called Gorlins and the impact it has on those who may have it but not aware due to misdiagnosis.

    She is a powerful teacher, speaker, and leader within her corporate community. She seeks to work with and alongside those experienced in filmmaking with a purpose. Her goal is to have her work that will enlighten, inspire and cultivate those all around the world.

 Email: info@cathurston.com

 Website: www.cathurston.com