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Yasmine Mathurin, Director, St. Clair Bourne’s Screening 2023

  Yasmine Mathurin, Director

Yasmine Mathurin is a Haitian Canadian filmmaker, most noted for her 2021 film One of Ours. The film was a Canadian Screen Award nominee for Best Feature Length Documentary, and Mathurin was nominated for Best Direction in a Documentary Program and Best Writing in a Documentary Program, at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022. Mathurin divided her time between Haiti and Montreal in childhood, before moving to Calgary as a teenager.


After studying political science at York University in Toronto, she attained a fellowship at the United Nations in 2011, but became disenchanted with the bureaucratic aspects of politics and went back to school to study journalism. She subsequently created The Conversation Project, a web series in which she engaged her friends in conversation about Black Canadian culture and identity, and participated in a talent incubator run by Toronto film studio Refuge Productions to further develop her filmmaking skills.[1] She was a producer of Tai Asks Why, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation podcast and summer radio series.


Josiah Wilson was adopted as a baby in Haiti and raised in an Indigenous family in Calgary, Canada. Years later, when Josiah is racially profiled at an Indigenous basketball tournament and refused the right to play a sport he deeply loves, his experience makes the news. In the aftermath of this hurtful rejection, Josiah is left to examine his identity, his shaken sense of belonging and the complex relationships he has with this family and community.


With the unwavering support of his loved ones, Josiah embarks on the difficult path of healing from his past and finding his footing in the world. With deep compassion for Josiah’s journey, this honest portrayal of complicated family dynamics boldly asks us to create space for non-linear paths to self-acceptance, while revealing the empowering experience of being accepted and loved by your community.