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The Black Line - 8th Annual Day of Black Docs 2014

Filmmaker, D. Channsin Berry says that it was a divine calling which prompted him to create the documentary series, “The Black Line”. (A Profile of the African-American Woman) Part 3. The 75 minute documentary features a broad spectrum of other African-American women.

8th Annual Day of Black Docs 2014

The Black Line, appropriately titled, is a film that provides insight into some of the thoughts, practices, and feelings of some African-American women, revealing a consistent thread distinguishing them from women of other ethnicities. The documentary highlights shared truths and experiences touching each of the featured participants regardless of their socio-economic standing. Berry painstakingly probes the commonality among his subjects, crossing regions, religions, sexualities, and professions.

The Black Line-Part 3 delves into the reasons why some younger African-American women may, according to their elders, be the way they are today. Through dialogue with distinguished women, possible solutions to the young black women’s dilemma come to fore. From voices and memories of these women, Berry explores the African-American women’ survival and destiny from the 1920’s to the present. Using the various institutions of marriage, mothering, racism, careers, education, religion, and sex, he guides the viewer through a journey of exploration and discovery of the history and future of African-Americans as a people.