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AFRAID OF DARK: 4th Monday Free Screening, April 27, 2015

Afraid of Dark, is a wonderfully insightful and entertaining, yet remarkably serious, documentary about Black men.

Monday, April 27, 2015 @7pm

St. Clair Bourne 4th Monday Free Screening


Directed by


Why is everyone so afraid of black men?" In her new documentary, Afraid of Dark, filmmaker Mya B. attempts to answer this question.  In examining two of the most prevalent stereotypes about the black man as the brute and as the Mandingo we are led on a journey to understanding how the fear of these stereotypes have contributed to the rates of violence and incarceration against black men.  We see how racism uses black on black crime and other unfortunate occurrences in black communities as justification for attacks on black males by police and citizen vigilantes alike.

The documentary challenges these stereotypes, and their resulting worldview, through candid interviews of black men -who span the spectrum of age and background - to illustrate through their own words and personal reflections the difference between how society perceives black men and how they define themselves.

Mya B. also profiles three generations of black men in her family that offered alternative archetypes of what black men can be and are in this society.

The film ultimately shows us that black men are struggling to find love and meaningful identity in a world that mutes their individual stories and colors them all with one brush; and that the way towards healing means facing this dilemma head on, looking deep into it, and using our understanding and our love to transform the image and likeness we perceive of black men.

The Film Cast:

Dr. Cornel West, Tom Burrell, Sadat X, General Steele, Malik Yoba, Vondie Curtis Hall, Lou Myers, Kevin Powell, Brooklyn Borough President - Eric Adams, Peter Gunz, Phillips Verner Bradford,  Dr. Khalil Muhammad, Malakot Baker, Kenya K. Stevens,  Dr. Sunni Ali, Infmega, Hasan Salaam, Mikeflo, Sam Reynolds, Miles McAfee, Umi, DJ Hard Hittin Harry, Chen lo, Chris Rob, Dr. Herukhuti, Sam Greenlee, and many more amazing men.

Filmmaker Q&A

Mya B.Mya B. was born and raised in Chi-town. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY where she came to be around people of like mind in the independent film industry. Graduating from Columbia College with a concentration in film studies gave her the writing and production skills to pursue her passion as a filmmaker.

Her first documentary, 'Warrior Queens' was shown in at the Dusable Museum of African American History in Chicago.  From working as a PA and interning on several independent films, she decided to venture into her first documentary project.  After two years of groundbreaking interviews and historical information to research, she completed her first documentary entitled, 'Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America.'  The film has won many accolades, festival acceptance, and awards.  Segments of her film, was also shown on VH1's, "Can't Get a Date".   Since then, her writing has gotten recognition.

Her short script, Maya: The Illusion, won honorable mention in the American Gem screenwriting competition and she was a BET finalist in the Rap It-Up competition in 2006. In addition to this, she has worked as a DP on many projects: Dark Seed, Curtain Call, and Monkey Gang.  She just finished her second feature-length documentary "Afraid of Dark".

This event is FREE. 

Monday, April 27, 2015 @ 7pm

Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

4130 Overland Avenue

Culver City, CA  90230

Free Parking.